Instant Cash

Why leave your old mobile sitting around when you can get instant cash on Cash For Phones? Some handsets fetch up to £500 so what are waiting for?

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Be Green!

Recycling your mobile is great for the environment. The manufacture of just one mobile phone uses the equivalent energy of almost 40 gallons of petrol!

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Best Rates

We'll get you the best possible rate for your phone - guaranteed! Cash For Phones integrates with other companies to find you the best deal available.

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Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is top on our list of priorities. We are available to answer any of your questions 24/7! Simply contact us and we'll get straight back to you.

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More About Recycling Your Mobile

OK, so most people have got an old mobile phone kicking around in a drawer somewhere. We’ve all seen adverts for websites offering to pay cash for old mobiles and may have been tempted to give it a go. But is it really worth doing? What do they do with them? Is it safe? If you are looking to get some cash in exchange for your old mobile, Cash For Phones is place to be!

It is certainly possible to make at least a few quid (and sometimes a lot more) from recycling your old mobile, which let’s face it, would probably be chucked in the bin eventually. You can do your bit for the environment whilst making a little extra cash, so it’s win-win all round.

How much money you will get in return for your phone depends greatly on the make, model, age and condition of the handset but anywhere between £5 and £500 is the usual going rate. Cash For Phones will find you the best deal for your handset – guaranteed! Basically, newer and trendier phones that can be sold secondhand attract a higher price. Faulty handsets may be repaired and sold as reconditioned. Older or irreparable phones may be broken up for scrap, with the precious metals they contain being melted down and sold.

If you do make the decision to recycle your old phone, there are a few security measures you should take to avoid any problems later.

  • Clear the memory from the phone. This can usually be done by removing any memory cards, deleting numbers and stored text messages and deleting internet browsing history and bookmarks from the phone. You should refer to the user manual for your handset for further information on how to do this.
  • If you are in a contract with a mobile phone provider, you MUST end the contract first to protect yourself from any fraudulent use of your line.
  • Remove the SIM card from the handset. If you are not planning to use the SIM in another phone, you should destroy it by cutting with scissors before disposing of it. This is also to protect yourself from fraud.

When you have completed these security steps, you are ready to recycle.

There are a multitude of companies you can choose from to send your phone to. Most have a website where you can enter the make, model and condition of your phone to get an estimate of how much they are willing to pay for it. It is well worth doing a few comparisons to see who is willing to offer the most. Also factor in the cost of getting your phone to the recycling company. Some offer customers free postage, others will ask you to pay postage costs. Unless your chosen company sends you a prepaid envelope for you to post your phone in, you will need to make sure the phone is packaged securely and adequately insured against loss in transit. You can save yourself a great deal of trouble using Cash For Phones to recycle your phone – use our integrated form to get the best price for your mobile.

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